Belgian Brasserie

With a lake view in Vevey

Le Carré is...

A newly renovated café, brasserie, terrace and bar in Vevey’s old town and an excellent team ready to welcome you.

Our young Belgian chef is constantly looking for new, delicious combinations.

To ensure outstanding freshness, seasonal suggestions feature heavily on our menus.

We take sustainability very seriously and, for environmental reasons, have eliminated the use of plastic as far as possible.

Sugar is served in glass sugar bowls and cream for coffee in small washable pots. All of our teas are loose-leaf teas.

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Le Carré has been designed to have an industrial look and a sociable feel at the same time, like a brasserie in Brussels. For example, upstairs you’ll find a large, high table that lends itself to casual dining.

It’s also ideal for large groups starting off their evening with drinks and nibbles.

We have chosen high-quality materials like wood, brick and metal.

The solid oak floor comes from Orval, home of the brewery that makes the famous Orval beer, which we serve here. The lights are genuine industrial light fittings from old factory in the Czech Republic that was due to be demolished. Some of the furniture was also salvaged from this factory.

Our wooden tables are made from old boat decks.

Everything here - or nearly everything - is recycled.

As big fans of street art, we called on a professional artist to add a unique dimension to the staircase.

The sapphire blue of the logo is a nod to Lake Geneva, right beside us.

The whole Le Carré team looks forward to seeing you!

Le Carré - Vevey - Equipe


The manager was born and raised in Belgium.

A dish he couldn’t do without: meatballs in tomato sauce with chips.

A drink he always enjoys: Westmalle Tripel, known as the mother of all Trappist beers.

Le Carré - Vevey - Equipe


The co-manager was born and raised in the city of Fribourg.

A dish she couldn’t do without: a green salad with a delicious dressing, crunchy vegetables and a goat’s cheese that's crispy on the outside and melting on the inside.

A drink she always enjoys: a homemade lemonade, served in a pretty glass.

Le Carré - Vevey - Equipe


Our assistant manager grew up in Grenoble, where she lived until she was eighteen.

Not fussy when it comes to food, Alice loves a good French-style steak tartare lifted with a bit of cognac.

She adores coffee of all kinds.

And wine too… Preferably a delicious dry white or a Syrah du Valais when it comes to red.

Le Carré - Vevey - Equipe


There are some days at Le Carré when we’d be lost without Marc’s skillset.
Unmatched at DIY, this young man from the local area is a jack of all trades – and a good one, too. He’s always got something up his sleeve, finding solutions to all the problems that come up in a busy establishment like this one.

Marc is also happy to lend a hand in the kitchen or serving customers when needed.

A dish that’s important to him:

his grandma’s papet vaudois, a speciality from the Vaud region with sausage and leeks.
A drink he always enjoys: beer, a Boxer if possible. Even better after a tough game of badminton!

Le Carré - Vevey - Equipe


Our bartender at Le Bardu joined the team in the spring.Her favourite dishes?

The ones her grandmothers used to cook, one Italian and the other French!

And her French grandfather, a wine connoisseur, passed his taste for this fine beverage onto his granddaughter.

Le Carré - Vevey - Equipe


Born in Portugal, in the Porto area, our head waitress studied languages and literature in Portugal before training at hospitality association Gastro Vaud.

She has been working at Le Carré for ten years and you'll always find her with a smile on her face.

A dish she couldn’t do without: a good seafood platter,

accompanied by a nice cold beer or a glass of full-bodied red wine.

Le Carré - Vevey - Equipe


A twin from a family of five children; the whole brood works in the restaurant industry.
Her parents owned ‘Le Bout’Ficelle’ in their village.
She came to Switzerland to gain experience, starting in Veysonnaz in the Alps. Then she moved to the foot of the mountains to join the team at Casino Barrière in Montreux. There, she met Alice, our assistant manager.
She loves her work because of the universality of it.
Barbara speaks very highly of the flavours of her brother-in-law’s cocktails, especially his creative gin and tonics. And if she finds herself with a mafé – a peanut-butter-based Senegalese stew – on her plate, her eyes light up with excitement.

Le Carré - Vevey - Equipe


Our waitress at the café and restaurant grew up in Mongolia, in the capital, Ulaanbaatar. She studied history and sociology at university.

Manda has been working at Le Carré since 2010.

She absolutely loves spending time with her family and wouldn’t be able to live without the feeling of freedom.

A dish she couldn’t do without: red meat, no sauce, accompanied by a blonde beer.

Le Carré - Vevey - Equipe


18-years-old Romain joined the kitchen team at Le Carré in the autumn.

An inhabitant of the Veveyse District, he is learning the trade and perfecting his knowledge, mainly making burgers and salads.

This young man wasn’t always destined for a career in the restaurant world.

A few years ago, his father encouraged him to do an apprenticeship, and his interest in the job came over time.

Romain loves food, but it doesn’t have to be anything too sophisticated: he can’t get enough of buttered pasta sprinkled with cheese.

A Coke is his go-to drink when he’s working: it gives his spirits a boost.

Romain feels he has a lot of patience, which is a great quality to have, especially in a restaurant kitchen.

Le Carré - Vevey - Equipe


Heretie has got into the routine of waking at dawn six mornings out of seven to come and clean the whole building.

After her coffee break, she continues her shift in the kitchen, where she carries out all kinds of tasks.

Our dynamic colleague from Eritrea arrived in Switzerland in 2011, and loves her work and helping people.

She is cheerful, gets on well with everyone and always has a smile and a kind word for all of her colleagues. We couldn't do without her.

Naturally curious, Heretie will try any kind of food, except pork, and likes spicy dishes.

In her free time, she enjoys going for walks along the lakeside in Vevey, a town she finds has a distinctive breeziness and brilliant light.

Le Carré - Vevey - Equipe


This 27 year old Breton joined the kitchen of Le Carré in February. In Switzerland, he previously worked in mountain resorts such as Crans-Montana. It was Lake Leman and the dolce vita atmosphere of Vevey that drew him to the area: Julien likes to be guided by his instincts. He loves travelling and also chocolate, which he loves to work with.

The chef has a weakness for Italy and for lasagne fatta in casa. In the morning, he likes to drink an iced coffee to start the day.

Le Carré - Vevey - Equipe


Our dishwasher at Le Carré comes from Sri Lanka. He arrived in Switzerland in 2015 and has been working in our team for 9 months. Sutha drinks a lot of fresh water, without gas, and goes to the gym several times a week.

Le Carré - Vevey - Equipe


Our waiter, bartender and lemonade maker is a trained firefighter. Soon Jeremy preferred to work one season after another in restaurants all over France. He is a smiling and respectful person who enjoys making sure guests go home happy.
Sports, music and work inspire him.

Le Carré - Vevey - Equipe


This Brussels native has a sense of service in his DNA. Anthony has been working in this field since he was 18 years old. He appreciates the contact with people, as well as its dynamic and non-routine side. It was an encounter that brought this young man full of energy to Vevey, a young, calm and festive city, according to his appreciation.
Anthony would get up at night for a minced chicken with tarragon sauce, a typical Belgian recipe.